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Summer Speed Camp

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Looking to get faster this summer?

Well, I’ve got exciting news to share with you!

We’ve opened our Complete Speed Camp summer program today for high school and college athletes!

More information here >>  Complete Speed Camp

The Complete Speed Camp will cover:

– Acceleration
– Max Velocity
– Speed Endurance
– Running Mechanics
– Lateral Speed & Agility
– Flexibility & Mobility
– Conditioning
– Strength Training
– Power Development

With my help, as your personal coach, we will begin making this summer your best ever. FASTER. STRONGER. BETTER.

The Complete Speed Camp is a 4-week, small group training program, where you will get individual attention so we can focus on getting you faster and stronger. By small group, I mean only 9 athletes per group (and only 3 groups). It will be 2 coaches per 9 athletes (I will be a coach along with one of the top sprinters to ever come out of the New England area – whose also an amazing speed coach). 

This is your ONLY chance to get personalized coaching from me, and the only training groups I am running this summer!

Looking forward to seeing you and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Talk soon,

Pat Beith
Athletes Acceleration


P.S. If you are in Massachusetts or close by and want to train with me this summer, go now and register, as it is a first-come-first-serve basis. I really want to focus on individual attention so I cannot let in more than 9 athletes per group. The summer speed camp will take place at M-Plex in Mansfield, MA (close to North Attleboro)

Go check it out here ->



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