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Where coaches and athletes go to stay a step ahead of their competition

The Next Generation of Speed Camps and Sports Clinics

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Did you know that over $4 BILLION dollars is spent each
year on sports camps, speed clinics and athletic
development programs and resources?

As athletes get specific training, their peers need to
do thesame just to have a chance to compete.

This cycle just drives itself which means there are
countless opportunities for coaches and trainers to
make incredible profits doing what they love…working
with athletes.

A little less than two years ago we ran a program
teaching people how to run successful sports camps and
speed clinics…

And it sold out in 6 days.

We’re considering running an updated version of this
program, but need your input to make it an
overwhelming success.

So please take a few moments to complete a quick
survey that will let us know if this project is
something we should offer again:

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