I know there are many websites and coaches out there that sell products, so why would you choose Athletes Acceleration?

Quite simply…We Do Education.

We are not a ‘books & dvds’ dump, we don’t do equipment, we don’t do general fitness & weight loss, we are not just a list of exercises, we don’t force one tool or topic on you…we take the best coaches in sports performance and share their information with coaches who want to get better.

What Separates Us From The Rest?


First, we only use the top real-life coaches who actually train every day. We chose the best coaches in their area of expertise. Not only do we have the best coaches, but the best coaches who are also skilled teachers. It’s one thing to get great results with your athletes, but it’s another thing to be able to take the information from what you do and translate it to help other coaches understand and use that material. We all know that one professor we had in college who was an absolute genius but couldn’t teach to save his/her life. The coaches we have at Athletes Acceleration are geniuses in their respective areas of expertise AND they know how to teach their information at a level everyone can understand. They make the complex, simple. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Product Creation

We work with the top people in their respective industries to produce the best possible material – from video, to editing, to graphics, to printing, etc. We probably spend a lot more on this than we should (and more than others spend to to produce their programs), but we feel the higher quality is worth it. We put a lot of time and effort into creating the best structure and format for each course we design. The better the quality of the final product, the easier it is for you to learn. We are always looking for cleaner images, clearer text copy, clearer audio and louder volume, focus on explaining the what/when/where/whys/hows, use different camera angles, get multiple shots and close/zoomed in shots so you can see the drills and exercises at the best angles possible. This helps maximize the learning process.



We are constantly updating our digital platform to make your user experience even better. If the course is easy to get to and go through, it makes learning easier with less distractions.

If we can make each course easier to use and to understand, ultimately you get better. It’s our job to get the best coaches, to provide the best information, and to put it in the best format. It’s your job to go through all of the material, learn it, then apply it…and your athletes get better. (You can have the best information, but if you don’t use it, you can’t improve your results). We all know that if you don’t do anything with what you learn, then it means nothing.


We Educate, You Execute



We have been doing this since 2004. Our flagship course, Complete Speed Training, was released in the fall of 2004. Complete Speed Training is still the gold standard in speed development and is still the best-selling speed training course of all time.

Our plan was to give and sell the program to local coaches and athletes as our speed camps were full and we couldn’t fit in any more athletes. We had coaches and athletes coming from other towns wanting to see what we were doing because our athletes were getting great results. So, we decided to document what we were doing…and that’s how Complete Speed Training was born. CST has been updated multiple times as strategies changed and our production quality got better. In 2004, in our basement, as an order would come in, we would ‘burn’ the 5 dvd set, print out the manual and put it in a binder, then bring the packages to the Post Office to ship out.

Complete Speed Training has now been sold to over 120 different countries around the world (and I still remember the day when we sold a CST to every state in the US). You can imagine that things have changed from then with our 15+ products from the top coaches in the field. Our goal was to help the coaching locally, then as our platform and audience grew, we were able to share our information with so many more coaches, parents and athletes worldwide.

Continuing Education

With all of our courses on Athletes Acceleration, we offer Continuing Education Credits. There are Continuing Education Units/Credits associated with each course from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). The CEU’s differ depending on the course, but each course has CEU’s associated with them. Here is the list of our products and CEU’s -> CEU Information



We are more than a ‘product’, we are a community of sports performance coaches who look to get better and want to help our industry grow & progress.

We are Team Acceleration – we know we are a part of something bigger, we are a community. Join us to be a part of elevating our industry and making a positive impact on athletes all over the World.

We use the tagline Chasing Greatness within our community. Our community has become a group of coaches on a constant search to get better. And this search is more than just finding a great ‘speed drill’ or tip or cue that they can use. It is a search to grow and improve as a coach (and person) so they can help more athletes.

I hope that you will join us on our mission and continue to Chase Greatness with us!


Talk soon,

Pat Beith
Athletes Acceleration