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Youth Speed Training
By Patrick Beith

Athletes in any sport, need to be able to accelerate as quickly as possible to get to the ball or opponent first.

Youth Talent Identification
Coaching plays a significant role within the realm of talent identification. In fact, it has been suggested that key issues within the talent identification stage include having “many highly qualified and well-educated coaches,” and a “guarantee that these highly qualified and well-educated coaches work with beginners and not only high-level athletes.”

The Shaping of Speed Through Technique

Many articles, books and information products discuss the development of speed from its physiological perspective of biomotor enhancement. How to get athletes stronger so as to create more force production and absorption? How do…

How Structured Should We Be with Young Kids
By Lee Taft

When I am speaking of structure, I don’t mean following a properly outlined program for the developmental stage of the child. I mean should we dictate every movement a child makes and chart every second of activity? Should the children be made to pay attention to our long explanations of the rules to simple games or how a particular skill is going to be performed?

The Shaping of Speed Through Technique – Part II

Of the many misconceptions and myths regarding speed and speed training, perhaps none is more concerning than the notion that to increase the on-field or applied speed potential of an athlete, the training must consist of little more than running.

The Rhythm of Speed

While there are many elements to developing sound speed in young athletes, one of the most crucial is rhythm. Linear speed requires a well-timed sequence of contralateral action. Any delays or errors in this timing can drasticaly limit velocity of movement.

Youth Football Specific Speed

Specific strength exercises are fantastic ways to increase the sport and positional specific speed of your youth football athletes – and often much easier to implement within the scope of a practice.

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