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Get The Proven Blueprint For Making Effective Speed Training FUN and EXCITING For Young Athletes…Complete Speed Games

Dear Coach:

Halfway through every season, coaching and performing the same old speed sessions, conditioning workouts and agility drills starts to get really boring.

As a coach it’s tough to motivate your team to stay focused and perform each repetition with perfect form and effort.

And even the hardest working athlete starts to drag after doing the same things day after day after day.

If your athletes or clients are getting bored with their workouts, then they aren’t going to give their best effort.

While it’s not your job to entertain them, bored athletes risk injury. And that energy has a negative affect on the entire team.

And if you run camps and clinics, bored athletes won’t be back next year!

To break through the drudgery of every day training, you need to find a way to breathe new life into your team’s workouts and practices.

You can do this by adding Complete Speed Games into your training programs.

You can use these functional games as a transition from one training component to another; tweak them to place the emphasis on the warm up or for conditioning.

You are limited only by your imagination.

In fact, these games are perfect for all aspects of team training, a sports camp or an individual training environment for all sports and disciplines.

So where do you find such an inventory of fun, effective games?

Complete Speed Games

Why Do You Need Complete Speed Games?

Memorizing Drills Do Little For Performance. What enhances true performance transfer is working on skill development using different components and stimuli.

Too often drills, like agility ladder drills for example, are performed repeatedly, where the athlete is just going through the motions and not working on true athleticism.

To continue to improve teamwork and athleticism, “Complete Speed Games” also shows you how to design and implement your own ‘Co-Creation Games’.

This is ideal for getting your athletes involved and taking your games to the next level.

This is how Coach Dave Gleason makes Complete Speed Games more than just a bunch of games…with Co-Creation.

The real special moments for young athletes happen when we arrive at a place as a coach where we can invite and encourage our athletes to help us create the formation and flow of games and sessions.

New games, changes to games, new rules and interactions between each other keep things fresh, exciting and empower them to be PART of what we do, not merely participants following direction.

Your athletes will quickly acquire a deeper interest in their training and progress toward their individual and team goals. They will be vested in each activity, drill and game you present them with once they feel a sense of ownership.

Co-creation can change the culture of your programs or facility completely. The tone of your training sessions physically, mentally (neural) and emotionally (relationally and internally) for the athletes will improve dramatically. It is quite magical! This also helps build a physical culture in each athlete that can last a lifetime.

Coach Dave Gleason takes you into the ‘When, Why and How’ to adding the co-creation games into your training program.

There are varying times within a training session that game play is appropriate. The degree to which game play will make sense will be dictated by the purpose behind each and every activity. The desired outcome can change multiple times while still using the same game.

Reinforcing desired behavior, character and effort builds a super strong culture as well as immensely benefiting your athletes. Your athletes will welcome the opportunity to play any time.

In the spirit of competition, game play will serve as your best mechanism for fitness and conditioning. Although there is value in running conditioning drills, your athletes will always work harder during a game.

Giving your athletes the chance to reinforce a specific speed or agility skill in the context of a game may be one of the most impactful things you do. Game play is unscripted and allows your athletes to “practice” their new or improved skills. They will experience and teach themselves based off of their own motor learning. This is at the essence and core of developing athletic intelligence as well as transference of their newfound movement proficiency on to the field, court or ice.

ALL athletes are in need of one common denominator…FUN!

Do not underestimate this point.

Making decisions to put your athletes in an optimal position to get better each and every session is the genesis of the art of coaching.

Anyone can make an athlete sweat. It takes a coach to make them better.

It doesn’t matter what sport, gender or skill level I’m coaching. I always find a need to add “Complete Speed Games” throughout the season.

We use these games with our athletes of every age and sport. All my athletes love them. So will yours.

And the truth is, I find myself coming up with an excuse to get involved in the games too. They’re honestly that fun!

If your athletes ever start to drag and lose focus in their training, then it’s time to revitalize your program (without losing speed & performance gains) with Complete Speed Games and immediately get every athlete to look forward to practice…

Pat Beith

Athletes Acceleration Inc.

P.S. ‘Complete Speed Games’ is truly a resource that must be in any coach’s library. You know how stale practices and athletes get during a long season.

By adding these games you’ll not only make practice more fun and competitive for the members of your team, but you’ll also ‘sneak’ in the speed, agility and conditioning work they need to continue to improve.

These are Coach Dave Gleason’s (and other top coaches) Best and Most Influential Speed & Movement Games…and now they can be yours.


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