Master Class: Training Top Speed with Coach Ken Clark



Your Master Class Coach/Teacher – Ken Clark

Ken Clark, Ph.D., CSCS, USA-W, USA-TF

Applied Physiology and Biomechanics, PhD

Dr. Ken Clark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Ken’s research focuses on the underlying mechanical factors in athletic performance and injuries. Ken teaches Biomechanics and Kinetic Anatomy at the undergraduate level and teaches Motor Learning at both the undergraduate and graduate level.​

Ken played collegiate football and has more than a decade of hands-on coaching experience including working with teams and athletes at the high school, collegiate, and amateur/professional levels.


  • PhD, Applied Physiology and BiomechanicsSouthern Methodist University
  • MS, Health and Physical Education/KinesiologyWest Chester University
  • BA, Psychology: Swarthmore College


  • CSCS
  • USA Weightlifting
  • USA Track & Field


Ken Clark’s Top Speed Training Master Class

Top speed is also known as maximum velocity. This refers to is the highest possible running speed you can achieve. And in order to maximize the potential of your top end speed, you must actually train it and train it correctly. (doing the wrong exercises, the wrong volume, the wrong mechanics, and the wrong recoveries, will not only prevent you from reaching your athletes top speed, it will also lead to injuries)

As you know, athletes want to know how to run faster times and in doing so need to know how to increase their maximum velocity.

Maximal speed is trainable but requires a lot of attention.

Coach Clark is going to show you the concepts in top speed sprinting mechanics as well as breaking down training concepts to improve the ability to run fast.

He integrates scientific and best practices regarding the training and development of elite sprint performance.

Coach Clark is going to share with you exactly how he trains his athletes for running at top speed and improving their maximum velocity! Coach Clark is not known for holding back so this Master Class is not one to miss if you coach speed & power athletes.

In this Top Speed Training Master Class, Coach Ken Clark is going to cover:

Reasons for Training Top Speed

·  Game-Breaking Plays = Top Speed

·  Reduce Risk of Injury

·  Training Stimulus: Rate of Force Application

Science of Top Speed

·  The Basics

o   Contact Length and Contact Time

o   Vertical Impulse and Vertical Force

o   Stride Rate and Stride Length

·       Latest Research

o   Thigh Angular Motion during Top Speed

o   Connection between Thigh Angular Velocity, Vertical Force, and Speed

o   ‘Whip from the Hip’ and ‘Bounce, Scissor, and Strike’

Practical Applications

·   Evaluating Technique

o   Elite Sprinter vs. Team Sport Athlete

o   Should Team Sport Athletes look like Sprinters?

o   Key Positions/Shapes when Evaluating Video

·   Methods for Improving Technique and Speed

o   Integrating Technique Drills into Warm-Up

o   Best Bang for Buck: Straight Leg Bounds, Technical Flys, Wickets

o   Run Fast to Run Fast

This is THE Master Class on Top Speed – an in-depth look at getting your athletes to run faster!


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