Master Class: Speed Training for Soccer


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Speed Training & Development for Soccer Master Class

For coaches who want to develop high performance/max output in their soccer athletes.

Speed Development for the Soccer Athlete. There are a lot of misconceptions on how to get soccer athletes faster, more agile, and more explosive. There aren’t any training programs out there that show you exactly what the OPTIMAL training for the total development of soccer athletes is…until now.

Coach Whiteman will address how to develop an optimum soccer speed training system for your athletes. He will show you exactly how to get your soccer players faster and in better condition. The focus is on creating the best program to develop speed, agility, acceleration, top speed, speed endurance, lateral speed, strength, power, and conditioning – specifically for coaches who work with soccer players.

His topic covers his entire speed & agility system for soccer. Coach Whiteman will dive into:

I. Conditioning
A. Appropriate Energy System Development
B. Alactic/Aerobic
C. Repetitive 5-7 s intensive efforts built on robust aerobic/extensive base
D. High/Low approach to physical development, polarization of training

II. Speed Training
A. Acceleration
B. Value of max velocity development
I. Better acceleration patterns
II. Speed Reserve, RSA
III. Sport Specific Soft Tissue Prep, ultimate inoculant

III. Agility & Lateral Speed
A. Isometric + Eccentric Strength Development
B. Unilateral Strength/RFD
C. Agility vs COD

IV. Strength Training: High Intensity, Low Volume Lifts

V. Raising Maximum Outputs/Thresholds = Greater Sub Max Performance

This is some high level speed, strength, and power information for training soccer. If you work with soccer players, you need to join this brand new Master Class.

Plus, if you know Mike Whiteman, you understand the high level of information he will be providing, both scientific and in-the-trenches information from one of the top soccer strength & conditioning coaches in the world. It’s more than just a bunch of speed drills thrown together, it’s his own system. Who better to do a deep dive with on exactly how to create the optimal speed training program for soccer athletes?

How is the Master Class set-up?

The Master Class was a 2+ hour live virtual session (interactive online presentation) that was recorded. Coach Whiteman went deep and he showed you exactly how he sets up his own soccer speed training system. How he develops power, acceleration, top speed (max velocity), agility, lateral speed, speed endurance, strength, and conditioning. He discussed why he uses drills in certain places, and what types of exercises are the best (with progressions/regressions). He shared everything you need to know about developing your soccer athlete to their highest level.

If you are a coach of soccer athletes (at any level) then you will want to grab this Master Class. You will learn the exact progressions to use in your own training program. Plus since it was a live session, Coach Whiteman also opened it up for questions which lead to excellent conversations.

So you will be able to not only learn how to create a better speed development program, but you will also hear some direct & specific questions related to developing a better a athlete development program for soccer players.

We recorded the Master Class so you will receive that digital presentation along with the powerpoint of the presentation, so you can look back and re-listen/watch to the session any time you want.


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