Master Class: Vince Anderson’s Acceleration Development Training



Your Master Class Coach/Teacher – Vince Anderson

Vince Anderson has coached 34 years at the NCAA Division 1 level and has extensive experience coaching World Championship and Olympic athletes since 1995. Anderson is a devoted recruiter, analyst, coach and teacher.

Most recently, Anderson trained Phyllis Francis, 2017 World Champion at 400 meters and World 4×400 gold medalist (’17, ’19) and also trained Jessica Beard, 4×400 double gold medalist at the 2019 World Championships (4×400, mixed 4×400). He has coaches a number of athletes to NCAA and US national titles including Leonard Scott, Jabari Greer, Justin Gatlin, Gary Kikaya, tom Pappas, and Muna Lee.

Anderson coached for 15 years at Texas A&M, where he trained women sprinters and both men and women hurdlers, since 2005. During that span, the Aggies won 9 NCAA outdoor titles (5 men, 4 women) and one NCAA indoor title (Men, 2017).

Before coaching at Texas A&M University, Anderson coached 16 balanced years at the University of Tennessee. Starting at Tennessee in the summer of 1988, Anderson first coached women’s sprints and hurdles for 8 years through 1996, then followed with another 8 year stint as the men’s sprints, hurdles and jumps coach, through the 2004 season. The Vols won the NCAA outdoor title in 2001 and the NCAA indoor crown in 2002. Anderson has trained 32 NCAA champions, including every sprint, hurdle and relay event

Anderson began his coaching career as a volunteer for the legendary Coach Tom Tellez at the University of Houston. During those three invaluable seasons at UH, Anderson was able to watch the daily training of several notable champions, through the 1988 Olympic Trials. The bio-mechanical principles learned from Coach Tellez formed a vital foundation which influences Anderson’s work to this day.


Vince Anderson’s Acceleration Development Training Master Class

When it comes to ‘speed training’ the coach everyone references is Charlie Francis. And when it comes to ‘acceleration development’ that go-to coach who everyone now references is Vince Anderson.

Anderson’s success at the NCAA and World levels puts him among the elite coaches. His training techniques are known around the world. Teams, coaches, and athletes bring Coach Anderson in to consult so he can make them better.

Acceleration is extremely important in track & field, but possibly more important in field and court sports. As important as acceleration is, training acceleration is often overlooked in training and misunderstood. Coach Vince Anderson is going to set the record straight as to how to training acceleration properly.

If you are working with athletes that need to get faster and are currently doing speed work, you owe it to yourself and your athletes to learn what Coach Anderson is about to share. There is no-one better when it comes to acceleration development, and Coach Anderson is going to go deep into what real acceleration work looks like, how it should be trained differently depending on the sport, and how it should be progressed through training phases.

His topic covers his acceleration development training system. Coach Anderson will help you understand:

1. Acceleration Fundamentals

2. The Challenges of Team Sport Acceleration Training

3. How Power & Strength Training are Related to Acceleration

4. Sprinter vs Field/Court Sport Athletes in Regards to Acceleration

5. Acceleration Drills & Cues

6 Acceleration Training Phases and Considerations

In this Master Class, Coach Anderson will address how to develop an optimal acceleration training system for your athletes, covering topics:

    1. Coaching Into a movement void
      a. Standing
      b. From four-point stance
    2. University of Tennessee study
    3. Begin acceleration training with the end in mind
      a. The purpose of acceleration
      b. Begin with Max Velocity posture objective
      c.  A word about finishing strength
    4. Posting
      a. Rise shoulders from set into powerline
      b. Force is linear — cannot turn a corner
    5. Four-Point stance imperatives
    6. Progressive ascent. Progressive pushing
    7. Coaching Into a movement void
      a. Half Start Drills
      b. Tape Drill
    8. Complete runs – accelerations from blocks into Max Velocity

Coach Vince Anderson is going to provide you in-depth acceleration development material at a high level, both scientific and in-the-trenches information. His whole goal is for you to get a better understanding on acceleration so that your athletes can get better results. Everything you need to know about acceleration training is right here in the Master Class.


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