Master Class: Power Evolution 2.0


Power Evolution 2.0!

Power Evolution 2.0 is an updated version of a project Wil and Dos put together over 10 years ago. Coaches Robert Dos Remedios and Wil Fleming show you how to develop more powerful, explosive athletes.

This Master Class will cover all things POWER. Nothing will be left unaddressed – from the Importance of Power training in performance, injury prevention, aging, and fitness to the Use of Velocity Based Training (VBT) and a host of tools and training guidelines to help reach all of your and your client’s goals.

Power training is more than just programming in some plyos or Olympic lifts. There is a science behind what you program and why you program for it. Learning what needs to be addressed and how to address it, while developing the qualities you need to improve performance and overall movement, is what you will discover during this Master Class.

Coach Dos and Coach Fleming will be diving into the science and rationale of including Power in ALL training programs. In addition, they will look at the nuances of training Power through a using of training tools and protocols.

Power Evolution 2.0

1. Background on Power Development
a. Explanations of power
– What is it? Why is it important? How do we address it? What tools do we need?
b. Importance to performance, injury prevention, longevity/quality of life
c. Power Endurance as it relates to work capacity and fitness
d. Power and the Aging process – role of fast twitch qualities in bending the aging curve

2. Force Production vs Force Reduction
a. Differentiate the two
b. Drills to address each
c. Triple/Quadruple extension and Flexion (load absorption)
d. Importance of each in Performance, injury prevention, fitness, and longevity

3. Tools, Drills, Programming
a. Bodyweight drills – Plyometrics, Explosives, Power absorption drills
b. Band Resisted Exercises/Drills
c. Olympic Weightlifting variations – Barbell / Dumbbell
d. Kettlebell variations
e. Medicine Ball exercises/drills
f. Velocity Based Training (VBT)

How is the Master Class Course Set-Up?

The Power Evolution 2.0 Master Class with Coach Robert dos Remedios and Coach Wil Fleming is a 2.5 hour recorded virtual session (interactive online presentation).

Coach Dos and Coach Fleming show you exactly how you should set up your own power development program. This master class will give you the insight to create the perfect training plans for all of your clients, regardless of their age, ability, and needs – with the goal of improving their overall performance (and power).

You’ll be taught everything you need to know about developing power.

The Master Class is a live virtual session (that will be recorded). Since it was live, there was a question and answer period. The question and answer portion at the end of this Master Class is an invaluable resource for any Fitness Professional looking to improve their client’s training program or an enthusiast looking to take their personal fitness to the next level.

We recorded the Master Class so you will receive that digital presentation along with the powerpoint of the presentation, so you can look back and re-listen/watch to the session any time you want.


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