Master Class: Running A Fitness & Performance Business


Running A Fitness & Performance Business – Master Class

Coach Mike Boyle will address how he has developed one of the top fitness and sports performance businesses in the world. His Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning facilities are consistently ranked as a top 10 gym in the US, regardless of what is happening in the country.

Most facilities don’t last 3 years (8 out of 10 will be closed under 5 years). And those gyms that make it past 5 years, most of them will see their growth plateau or even shrink.

Coach Boyle has been running an elite business for 30+ years and he has seen it all. He has been through all of the fitness training fads and franchises. He knows what works and what doesn’t (he’s made most of the mistakes a gym owner can make and throughout it all he has learned the keys for running a successful business).

That is why we are putting on this Master Class, so that you can learn from the best!

Coach Boyle will discuss his mistakes made and lessons learned and cover everything you need to know about running and growing a fitness and sports performance business. Topics like:

– How to separate yourself from the competition (because there will always be competition)
– 4 Keys to Running a Successful Business
– How to hire and train staff (to develop a staff you need to know these keys)
– Does the 4 Hour Work Week or the 10,000 Hour Rule exist in as a business owner?
– How to get known in your area
– How to become a speaker and go on the ‘speaker circuit’?
– Big Company vs. Small Company
– How to deal with Landlords
– Filling your facility with the ‘right’ clients
– Creating the best program
– How many types of programs do you offer
– How to price for your services (pricing strategy)
– How to get and most importantly keep clients
– How to keep and treat your employees
– Creating your own company culture
– Do you want multiple locations?
– Should you do online/virtual training?
– How to survive no matter what is happening in the economy
– Knowing your numbers (what metrics and KPI’s you need to understand)
– What benefits you can get as an owner
– Should you get a business partner?
– How to create business relationships

It’s More Than Just Building a Business – It’s Changing Lives and Building a Legacy

How is the Master Class set-up?

The Master Class was a 2 hour live virtual session (that was recorded). Coach Boyle went deep into what it takes to build and run a successful fitness and performance business.

If you currently run or are thinking about starting to run your own fitness business, then you will want to grab this Master Class. Plus since it was a live session, Coach Boyle opened it up for great questions regarding business growth. So you will be able to learn how to run a better business and scale your fitness & sports performance business. Plus, along with the digital recordings of the Master Class you will also receive the powerpoint of the presentation.


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