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Pre-Event Eating
By Terry Weyman

What to eat before competition? Have you ever “bonked” or felt “flat” during your training or competition?

Hydration and Athletic Performance
By Colleen Palati

Water is the appropriate drink before, during and after exercise. However, for exercise lasting longer than one hour and after exercise, it is important to replace electrolytes lost.

Effects of Protein
By Gary Matthews

Lets face it, protein is an essential nutrient, and is vital to your health and is used to build muscles, skin, hair and nails. However, many people put their health at risk by eating too much of it.

What Good and Bad Fat Can Do To Your Health
By Knut Holt

High consumption of fat or of the combination fat and carbohydrates causes obesity, heart disease and other health problems… However the different types of fat have very different effects on the health.

Nutrition Tips for Athletes
By Patrick Beith

Nutrition tips for athletes.

Fuel Like The Pros
By Chris Mohr

Parents often contact me looking for nutrition advice for their child and they all swear their kid is going to get a college scholarship, while even more are going pro! Aside from the training they have, there’s often one component of an overall program that’s missing from making sure they’re successful – sports nutrition.

How  Strength Training  Helps  Burn Fat
By Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic

Strength training, which involves using weights, bands, kettlebells or other forms of resistance that challenge your body to work harder than it does in everyday life, definitely does increase your metabolic rate. However, so does endurance exercise (such as running).

Training Performance & Recovery
By Brian St. Pierre

If there is one nutrient that you need to support your training and recovery, protein would be it! All the exercise in the world won’t help you build muscle or get lean if it is not supported with proper nutrition, which should always include a good dose of some high-quality protein.

Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint

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