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Can a Parent Develop a National Champion?

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Imagine you’re the parent of a young athlete
who is not getting the quality of instruction
you expect from their coach. Or, perhaps, you
don’t think your son or daughter is performing
at the level you know they’re capable of.

You’re fed up, so you go online to search
for some training information that will
help you put your athletes in a position
to succeed and take advantage of their

But, you’re thinking, “I’m just a parent.
I’m not sure I have the background, knowledge
or experience to put a safe, effective
program in place for my child.”

During your search, you come across a program
that looks good. It shows numerous success
stories. The creator is getting good results.
But the program is a little more expensive
than you initially expected to spend. And it’s
got 5 DVDs and 3 hours of information. So you
start thinking maybe you just don’t know if
you can pull it all off.

You read a few emails and articles. You
get a bit overwhelmed and, in the end, you
decide not to order. Maybe later, you say.

Maybe when the price drops (it has) or
after you read a few more articles. Or
when you have a bit more time.

Your kid goes back to their regular team
and coach. But nothing changes. They’re still
doing the types of workouts you now know
aren’t going to help. Your kid still isn’t
getting faster. You can see the frustration
on his face, but you still can’t bring
yourself to take charge of the situation.

The end of the season comes and it’s time
for the big meets. But you know your child
isn’t prepared. And so does he. The gun
goes off and you know how it’s going to turn
out. He tries his best, but just doesn’t
have the speed, strength and technique to
place or run a personal best. He walks off
the track, head hanging low. You’re
heartbroken. As you stand watching the award
ceremony, you have to witness athletes with
inferior ability smile and accept their
awards knowing it didn’t have to be this way.

This isn’t the experience you want for your
child again this year, is it?

After all, *you* can make your athletes faster
because you’re as intelligent as anyone else.
And it’s really not as complicated as you think.

If you could go back in time, knowing how
the season is going to end for your child,
would you still choose to roll the dice on
their performance?

Or would you take a chance on that proven

Because Marcus Harris is a parent who chose
not to sit back and watch his son flounder
in mediocrity. Instead, he took action
and, well, the results say more than I
ever could here.

Listen below to a voicemail Marcus left
earlier this week. And, below it watch the
video of his son, Marcus Jr., winning the
Youth Division AAU National Championship.

If you think you’re ‘just a parent’ or ‘just
a youth coach’ and you can’t get these kind
of results, it’s time change the way you


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