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If you could give your athletes one thing…

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I was asked a question in an interview that I did recently and I thought it was pretty interesting.

The answer was not what the coach (interviewer) expected and he seemed a bit surprised.

He later explained what the answer he planned on hearing was. I just was looking at the question at a different angle I guess but I didn’t see my answer as strange or out of the ordinary.

Based on this coach’s comment, I thought it would be a great discussion to see what responses other coaches would make to the same question.

Here is the question:

‘What is the *one* characteristic that you would want all of your athletes to possess?’

It’s great to hear what other coaches have to say and would love for you to add your answers to the blog.

I have worked with some great athletes in my career.  Though talent does play somewhat of a role in overall success of an athlete, it is not the only factor. I had some extremely talented athletes and had less talent athletes succeed at high levels. On the other hand, some talented athletes never did reach their full potential.  

If there was one attribute that I would give all of my athletes it would be…


I look forward to your comments.

Yours in speed,

Patrick Beith



P.S.- What makes athletes successful whether they have talent or are overachievers?

What one characteristic would you want all of your athletes to have?

Please post your comments below

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