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The Official Start of Football Training

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Here in Virginia, most high schools let out last week.

Since my hometown has a very strong high schoolfootball tradition, (we went to the Super Bowl three out of my four years) I know that the official end of the school year means only one thing:

It’s the official start of Football Season.

Get your season off on the right track:

So, to get you in the right frame of mind, here are a Touchdown’s worth of great reasons to get your own copyof North-South Football Speed…

‘I recommend North-South Football Speed to anyone interested in drastically improving their speed. The drills allow anyone to make substantial gains in a short amount of time and are extremely easy to teach or to perform on your own. Being a sports performance trainer in one of the hotbeds for high school football, athletes are always trying to get faster and quicker. This DVD has definitely given me the tools necessary to get the results me and my athletesare looking for.’
– Mark Tarle, ATC, CSCS
Ath-Elite Sports Performance Training
Canton, Ohio


‘Once again you have yet another great product here. We used some of the drills at our high school football combine we did with Marty Lyons of the New York Jets. Marty and the players loved the great warm-up and speed drills. Keep up the good work and thanks again’
– George Loft
Performance Fitness
Long Island, NY


‘Just to let you know, we tested our football guys in the 40. The guys from the track team and a few who have been working on your drills increased their times by over .2. For the first time in a long time we had many guys under 5.0, 6 running 4.8 or better and they’re just getting going. By summers end we will be much faster. Thanks!’
– Greg Labelle
Putnam High School

‘As the father of a soon to be college football player, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much your North-South Program has assisted my son preparing for the upcoming challenge. So much of the information reinforces much of the training he has been doing with me over the last year. Unfortunately, the HS program he is coming from does not utilize the cutting edge training techniques presented in your video. Rather than concentrate on dynamic warm-ups, explosive movements, flexibility and technique, they are stuck in a ‘time warp’ where speed training virtually non-existent, heavy slow movements and bicep work dominate the weight room and running 1.5 miles for time is the yardstick for GPP. I feel that tools like your video and other products available are essential for success and will ultimately separate the winners from the losers.’
Tom Girouard
Chicago, IL

‘Just a note to let you know that my 12 year old son, Matthew has been using your North – South football speed program for 3 weeks now and he has taken .2 seconds off of his 40 yd time. His running form has increased dramatically and his balance and starts are also significantly better. Thank you for a great product!’
– Bobby Muehlstein
San Antonio, Texas


‘I have used the principles taught in North – South Speed and Complete Speed Training DVDs with my athletes for the past year. Regardless of what level of athlete you are working with these programs will deliver you results. These methods are scientifically sound and will compliment or provide the basis for any sound speed training programme’
– Greg Muller
Fitness Coach
Kamaishi Seawaves Rugby


Now what are you waiting for?

Order your copy of North-South Football Speed now:

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