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Combat Condiitoning

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I wanted you to be the first to know about a strength and conditioning ‘must-have’.

Coach Jason Ferruggia just released a new resource that you should check out immeditely.


Coach Ferruggia has been featured in journals such as Men’s Fitness, MMA Sports Mag, Men’s Health, and Maximum Fitness. But, moreimportantly, I use his information with my athletes because he gets results – period.

I have said before how much I trust his knowledge and even consult with when I have strength training questions and need an experts opinion.

In my view he is the leader in strength & conditioning for any combat athlete. His resource is targeted for combat athletes but it is really for any speed/power athlete looking to get stronger, more powerful and better conditioned.

I’ll let you go take a look at Ferruggia’s resource for combat conditioningand I won’t keep you any longer.


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