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The Easiest way to get faster Over the years, I've gotten lazy with teaching proper arm action. I know it's important. But…I don't know. …


The Most Important Word in Speed Training We have heard Dan Pfaff talk about acceleration being a complicated neuromuscular equation. We have heard Boo Schexnayder …

And then my head exploded

A couple of weeks ago I attended an advanced speed and power symposium at LSU where I learned some incredible information from some of …


Top 5 Summer Training Tips What to do when the summer months are upon us??? You’ve got a number of options, so here’s my …

The easiest way to improve your entire program

  In my experience, the most effective coaches are always looking for any trick or technique to evolve their programs and get more out of each …


Answers to popular sprinter training questions:  12 week preseason program I've been getting some great questions about various elements of coaching sprinters. These are …


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