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My Top 5 Posts of 2010

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Throw back to 2010!

Top 5 Posts of 2010. To compile this list, we used a complicated algorithm of clicking on the 'Popular Posts Stats' button inside my blog, as well as looking at the posts that got the most views recently. And some voodoo.

#5 Post of 2010: The Most Important Word in Speed Training (11/30/10)

We came up with the idea for this article after thinking about some of the core themes in the presentations we heard while at the advanced Speed and Power Symposium down at LSU in October that year and then comparing that information to what we directly saw when working with athletes.

Read the article and you'll agree.

#4 Post of 2010: Top 5 Offseason Training Tips for Sprinters (8/9/10)

If you're a track coach, you're probably familiar with the phrase:

"It's noon somewhere."

With readers from all over the world, not all of us are on the same schedule.

For some of us it's winter. For others, summer. Some of us are doing indoor track, others will wait until spring to compete.

But no matter what time of season it is, we find that a lot of coaches and athletes are all over the place with their training. A little structure goes a long way, so make sure you check out my Top 5 offseason training tips for sprinters.

#3 Post of 2010: How to Run the 200  (4/21/10)

In our experience, most high school coaches come from a distance background. So sprinters often end up without a race plan.

The result is that they sprint the whole 200 at full intensity from the moment the gun goes off. Unfortunately, this is a terrible way to run the 200.

Instead, share this video with all the sprints coaches and 200m runners you know.

#2 Post of 2010:  How to Run the 400 (5/13/10)

Yes. I know. I talk too much. Yes. I know. I could make these videos shorter. Yes. I know. I take too long to get to the point. Yes. I know. Athletes don't like to listen to coaches ramble on forever. Yes. I…oh wait I'm doing it again.

You think athletes have bad race plans in the 200? Ask your local 400m runner about their race plan. Then recoil in horror.

After you finish crying to your your therapist, show your sprinters this video on how to run the 400 and watch them PR the next meet.

Drum roll, please….

#1 Post of 2010: The Fatal Flaw in Your Sprinters' Technique (5/20/10)

No matter what you do, do not think about a yellow car.

That's right. For the next few days, everywhere you go, you will notice yellow cars.

Well the same principle will apply once you watch this video. Because after you see what terrible backside (recovery) mechanics look like, it's all you'll see. The kids on your team, almost all the kids on every other team…

Poor recovery mechanics are costing all of our athletes a lot of time and causing them shin splints, ankle/knee pain and mid/lower hamstring issues.

I blame it on the fact that kids spend most of their athletic lives without ever being taught how to accelerate properly. But placing blame gets us nowhere. Instead, watch the video if you want to see the fatal flaw in your sprinters' technique…and how to fix it.

We thougth it would be fun to go back and read through our Top 5 posts of 2010. Watch. Rewatch. Take notes. Ask questions.

The best way to give back to your athletes is by investing in your own coaching education.

For those of you who understand how important this investment is, we excited to pushing on and bringing a lot of new programs this year and the years ahead


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