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7 ways to fix your squat!

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If you’ve always struggled with squatting (teaching it to your athletes or performing it yourself) and no matter what you tried just couldn’t seem to figure it out, I have some great news…

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Eric Cressey, shows you exactly what you need to do to address your squatting woes.

This seven minute video reveals 7 exercises that you can do before your squat workout that are going to instantly make a massive
difference in your technique and depth.

Here's a quick list of what Eric shares in the video:

1. Lying Knee To Knee Pull Ins
2. Split Stance Kneeling Adductor Mobs
3. Wall Hip Flexor Mobs
4. Wall Ankle Mobs
5. Squat to Stand
6. Squat to Stand w/diagonal reach
7. Walking spiderman w/hip lift and overhead reach

Watch this sweet video to fix your squat:

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There’s an argument to be made that strength training is more important to getting faster than speed work itself. And, depending on my mood, I might agree.

That’s why I have to take a deep breath each day we go into the weight room. Because that segment of practice is probably the most exhausting part of my day. If athletes are not performing core lifts (like the squat) correctly, they are both setting themselves up for an injury, but also not getting anything out of this fundamental part of our training. Because I’m anal about technique (we even skip a very specific way during our warm ups) I demand perfection in the weight room. And that starts with me.

I know that I’d rather do speed stuff than weight room stuff. But I’ve got to continue to get better teaching the lifts and their variations. I’ve followed Eric for some time now and this program is excellent.

If you’re serious about improving your athletes’ speed, you should check this out:



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