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Why ’sport specific’ training is a myth

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That’s right, it’s not real.

You see people are always asking for (insert your sport)
specific drills, workouts, programs, whatever.

And everytime I get one of these emails I sigh deeply.


Because unless you’re working with elite collegiate or
professional athletes, you shouldn’t fool yourself into
believing your athletes need ‘special’ training, drills,
etc. specific to their sport.

But, you always say that you don’t train a football
player the same as a soccer player.

Yes, of course there are going to be differences in approach
based on the energy system demands of a sport.

But that doesn’t make those differences a whole different
‘sport specific’ program.

It’s called using common sense.

Let’s say I’m doing some agility ladder drills and I have
a soccer player and a football player.

They both need speed, coordination, agility, timing,
body awareness, etc..

Do those drills require a ‘Soccer Agility’ product and a
‘Football agility’ product?

No. It’s the exact same thing: Developing better athletes
who *happen* to play soccer or football.

The only difference is that for the soccer player I’m going
to have them dribble or kick a soccer ball after going
through the ladder.

And I’ll throw a football to the football player and have
him cut and run a pattern.

That’s not ‘sport specific’. It’s training athletes using
common sense.

Another example.

It’s an acceleration day for my 15 year old 100m runner and
my 15 year old field hockey player.

Better break out my sport specific track and field training
manual *and* my sport specific field hockey manual right?

No, both of these athletes likely have the exact same
weaknesses in their running mechanics and skill. So I can
train them the same way with the primary differences
being based solely on individual strengths and weaknesses.

At some point my sprinter will have to come out of blocks and
my field hockey player will have to run with her stick.

That distinction is not based on some ‘sport specific’ guide.
It’s based on developing better overall athletes using a
common sense approach to training. Not some fictitious need
for ‘specialization’.

It doesn’t matter what sport/s you coach or play, the training
plan you use has to be based on the same fundamental goal
for all athletes, ages and genders:

Improve the speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and
endurance of every athlete.

The only program specifically designed to cover each of those
topics is Complete Speed Training. It’s called ‘Complete’ for
a reason.

If you don’t already have this program then there are huge
gaps in the way you develop your athletes.

If you haven’t purchased a copy because you’re looking for
a program specific to your ‘sport’ then you’ve been doing the
coaching or training equivalent of beating your head against
the wall.

And I hope this article helped you change your mind.

As the saying goes: ‘When you change the way you look at
things, the things you look at change’.

So get your copy of the *only* Complete Speed Training program
that’s going to develop *all* the skills required for success
in any sport:

Complete Speed Training


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