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Another coat of paint won’t work this year

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There is a concept known as Pareto’s Law, or the 80/20 principle, that says, generally speaking, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This idea can be applied in a number of situations.

80% of your points will come from 20% of your athletes.

80% of classroom participation will come from 20% of your students.

Here at Athletes’ Acceleration, 80% of our sales come from 20% of our subscriber list.

As a coach, you have to spend time developing all of your athletes. But, if you want to have a successful program, the bulk of attention must go to the 20% of the team scoring 80% of your points.

In class, you have to find ways to motivate and involve all of your students. But, if you want to have the biggest possible impact in terms of transfer and acquisition of knowledge, the bulk of attention will go to the 20% of students putting in 80% of the effort.

Through Athletes’ Acceleration, I want to help every interested coach, parent and athlete be the best they can be. To make such an impact requires us all being on the same page, speaking the same language.

As the demands on my time continue to grow and with another 30-40 hours per week being added to my schedule once the season starts in 10 weeks, I must become more efficient in the information I put out.

Simply put, it means spending more time creating and bringing in information for those of you who have joined The New Breed of Coaches by investing in your athletes, i.e., the ones putting in 80% of the effort.

Sadly, this means less time trying to convince the masses that they should.

In your heart of hearts you know you’re not going to be competitive this year if all you do is slap a new coat of paint on that old, wood paneled, rusted, grocery-getter coaching system you’re still driving around. Not when the rest of us traded ours in for Range Rovers. Just because it still drives doesn’t mean you should still be driving it.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t committed to putting your athletes in a position to succeed. And you don’t want to kick yourself later in the season when you realize you should have bit the bullet back in
September, do you? Make an investment in your athletes before the sale ends at midnight tonight.


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