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The Death of Personal Training

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The Death of Personal Training

Just a quick message that I wanted to share with you.

If you run gym or are even thinking about opening your own place some day, you need to check this out.

My friend Alwyn Cosgrove runs the most profitable gym in the country. What makes this more impressive is that gyms are the second leading business to fail (behind restaurants) and 16 out of 17 go out of business in
the first 8 years.

Alwyn’s gym grows each year.

How does his gym continue to get more profitable while most gyms fail?

Well, Alwyn is putting on a free webinar to share his secrets with you. He is calling it the Death of Personal Training.

Register here:

Death of Personal Training

The fitness industry continues to change at a fast pace. It’s harder to get and keep clients now. Marketing your services has become more difficult and more expensive. Even finding quality staff is extremely difficult.

To find out what’s working at the most profitable gym in the country, you need to get on Alwyn’s webinar. He is going to pull back the curtain of his business and share with you exactly what you need to do to survive
in this atmosphere and dominate your area.

Reserve your spot here:


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